Daniëla and Kraaijvanger say goodbye


As of May 2019, associate partner / interior Daniëla Schelle and Kraaijvanger said goodbye to each other. In 2001, Schelle started as an interior architect at the Rotterdam located office. In 2009, as associate partner, she became the representative of interior design within the office. After the design for the Leiden civil service housing as her most recent work for Kraaijvanger, Schelle is taking a new path.

“Daniela has added three layers to the architecture of Kraaijvanger; the user, interaction and public interiors ”,

says Vincent van der Meulen, partner architect at Kraaijvanger Architects

The start of Daniela's activities at Kraaijvanger was at the same time the start of the development of innovative working environments. This required inventiveness and pioneering spirit because there was no standard available on the market that answers the challenges of diversity and comfort in the open space. Subsequently, the municipal office 's-Hertogenbosch was the first office project in which new construction, renovation and interior were fully integrated with each other up to the scale of furniture. This was followed by numerous interior projects in which experience, hospitality and hospitality were central, such as the VGZ office in Arnhem, Provinciehuis Overrijssel and the innovative, sustainable and high-profile City Office Venlo.

“Het pionieren met beperkte circulaire materialen en budget en toch een rijk, duurzaam en innovatief interieur realiseren waarbij binnen en buiten optimaal met elkaar verbonden zijn, vormt voor mij het hoogtepunt in mijn carrière bij Kraaijvanger.”

Daniëla Schelle:

Vision on interior design
The interweaving of people, experience, technology, building and outdoor space forms the core of her work. To achieve that, Daniela has made a strong commitment to an integrated, multidisciplinary working method within Kraaijvanger. The result is interiors that form an organic part of an organization, stimulate learning and meeting and in which the user recognizes himself in an individual way. This goes far beyond a formal corporate identity. Work processes and well-being are influenced by the way in which an interior is designed. With gained insights and completely tailor-made for every organization. Schelle sees this as her most important contribution to the development of Kraaijvanger Architects.

In the coming period Daniëla Schelle will focus on further development related to her field and more. With her team, Kraaijvanger continues to focus on developing environments in which interior and exterior are designed in a sustainable and integral manner.

Clouds come floating
around my home, not
longer to carry rain, but to
add colours