City Hall 's-Hertogenbosch

The city hall is a twin project: a city-office and council-chamber, as an extension to the monumental town hall. The latter, with its prominent democratic function, is expressed by an austere, almost tacit, facade of limestone and glass.

The design of the city-office refers to the historically hybrid structure of parcels and courts. A small inner city river, the Dieze , runs across the site and is integrated in the plan.

The large city-office is a complex, many-faceted structure, incorporating three existing premises. The complex is defined by a system of voids. Inside, all facades are transparent. Its interior is modern, virtual and flexible. Desks are activity-related (instead of person-related), resulting into a more varied and comfortable environment.


City Hall 's-Hertogenbosch




1998 - 2000


2001 - 2004


Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch


Dirk Jan Postel, Hans Dopper, Joost van der Kooij, Jeroen Leemans, Jan-Hein Franken, St├ęphane Ganeff, Patrick Keijzer, Martin van Kessel, Imco de Man, Nick Marks, Martin Penninga, Ton Ringeling, S. Shirazi, Joost Smorenburg, Leendert Spreij, Cees Vermeulen, Han Visser


21,142 sqm

"If you have a river,
then you should share it with everyone."
(Chen Guangbiao)