We consider it our mission to design buildings and spaces for a changing world, buildings with a positive social and ecological footprint. Timeless architecture that will bring people and nature closer together. Our diverse portfolio includes renewing cities, public buildings, innovative industries, homes, interiors, renovations and special projects. We are committed to creating a future where our built world is in balance with nature. We create places where people love to be and buildings that contribute to better health and happiness for people.

Revitalisatie en uitbreiding rijkskantoor Stationsplein West in Arnhem


The former post office next to Arnhem's railway station is being converted into government offices. Integral design team De Nieuwe Post, consisting of Kraaijvanger, Karres en Brands, DGMR, DWA and IMD led by Heijmans, has won the tender for the renovation, expansion, interior and realization of the government office Stationsplein West in Arnhem.

Brainpark Rotterdam


July 5, 2023 construction will start on the first residential building at Brainpark Rotterdam. This marks the start of the area development that in the coming years will transform the office area into a lively mixed living and working area.

Amersfoort House for the City


In the assignment for the House for the City of Amersfoort the themes of 'future-proof' and 'meeting centrally' form the overarching framework under which all the established ambitions fall. Hereby a prioritization of 5 top ambitions is indicated; conscious investment, social connection, smart use of space, healthy work environment and appealing appearance.

Stadhuisplein 9-23


Stadhuisplein 9-25 in Rotterdam is one of three renovations we are currently working on at this famous square. Commissioned by Leyten, we are going to drastically renovate this building on Stadhuisplein and make it more sustainable. This will also improve the entire appearance of the building, the plinth will be expanded with a soundproof conservatory for the catering industry and the floors above the catering industry will be transformed into high-quality work environments.

Building with a positive footprint

20221114_©RKeus_7973 (2).jpg

Building with a positive footprint illustrates what needs to be done for buildings to contribute to a better world, and what part you play in this.

De Scharnier


De Scharnier is a building with different functions, where you can live, learn, work and relax. An innitiative of newindustry, Kraaijvanger Architects together with Heijmans.

Stationspostgebouw The Hague

Stationspostgebouw_KCAP_Kraaijvanger_(c)Ossip van Duivenbode_107_HR.jpg

The monumental Stationspostgebouw in The Hague, designed in 1939 by Chief Government Architect Bremer, has a completely new and contemporary interior. In the last century PostNL loaded and unloaded their mail trains here, now the company is stepping into the future at this historic site. The national monument has been transformed into a modern and special working environment.

Land van Cuijck

20230920_Render Cuijk

Now that 5 municipalities in North Brabant will share the former Boxmeer town hall, there is a need for more space and more workplaces. The existing municipal office will be expanded with new additions that will fit seamlessly into the existing building and its surroundings. The new town hall for the municipality of Land van Cuijk must form a transparent and green whole, which also forms an attractive link between Boxmeer center and the Weijerpark.

Blaak 333

NL21-029-01 NCD Blaak 333 EXT06 v05.jpg

Transformation from office to lively residential building in the center of Rotterdam.

The client, New Cheese Development in collaboration with Egeria, have purchased the Blaak 333 building in order to transform it into a residential building. This means demolishing the early 1960s office building down to the first floor; after all, a residential building is significantly heavier than an office skeleton. A new foundation slab will be installed in the existing basement, preventing demolition of foundation and basement walls. The lower two layers will include common facilities and hospitality.



This report provides an overview of the impact we were able to make in 2022. Not only with our projects, but also with how we as a company deal with our employees, gender distribution, personal growth, social return and our own footprint.

Hart van Zuid Rotterdam


The south part or Rotterdam will get an enormous positive impulse. It is being transformed into a vital part of the city by new construction and renovation. Hart van Zuid Rotterdam is the largest area transformation development in the Netherlands.

SEM Hoofddorp


Hoofddorp has turned from the village into a city and that calls for a transformation of the central square in the city. Raadhuisplein demands structure, connection, vitality and urbanity. Concrete parking will be turned into a real meeting place; SEM is a place for everyone.

Reconnecting people and nature by designing timeless architecture with a positive social and ecological footprint