Kraaijvanger consists of 70 specialists, in everything we do the following 4 areas of expertise are always central

Innovative working and learning

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Innovative Working and Learning
Lifelong learning as a condition for a career, learning by working as an education. Working and learning run together and allow the exchange of applications, insights and techniques. It extends both our clients’ and our own range of possibilities. But all companies and school are not the same. How can we make working and learning more effective, creative and flexible by design?

Circular Building

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Circular Building and Living
Our ideal design produces energy, purifies air and water, invites biodiversity and produces no waste. We try to achieve this by using as many healthy and sustainable materials as feasible and by making all cycles in the building (of water, materials, food, energy and air) as healthy as possible. The first time we succeeded was in 1994 with Ecotopia, our first energy-neutral building. We are now working on 100% circular buildings.

The Vital City

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The Vital City.
The city is alive. It is the ever-changing set that humankind operates on. It makes us free and connects us. It is beautiful in a way that is not always pretty. The city constitutes our identity, confronts us with history and allows us a preview of the future world. As we change, the city changes with us. Kraaijvanger uses its decades of expertise in this area to work on the design of the Vital City. How to design the Vital City?

Sustainable living


Sustainable living
How we live and therefore how we inhabit our homes is constantly evolving. Again and again, we give our environment the insights of the time in which we build it. Meanwhile, we can learn lessons from the successful and less successful developments of the past. Also, we face the enormous challenge of changing our negative impact on the climate into a positive contribution to our world. With this knowledge in mind, we developed a vision of the living environment of the future in which the residential building plays a leading role. Discover how we build for 200 years.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way