Kraaijvanger is located in Rotterdam’s city centre for a reason. Rotterdam is the nicest, liveliest and most varied city in the Netherlands. Here, impossible dreams come true. Because once the dreaming is done, we make things happen.


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How many architects start a presentation with a ‘Pulp Fiction briefcase’? We know one, and he works at Kraaijvanger. We look for and find inspiration in everything around us, from high to low culture, from design to film. Life is therefore the inspiration for the space in which future users live, learn and work. Our signature projects are the ones that do justice to the client, the user and the environment.
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Rather than a particular style, there is an approach that is inextricably linked to Kraaijvanger. Every design is unique, because it matches the client, the environment and the users. But all of our designs are maximally flexible, circular and future-oriented. Today will be different tomorrow and that is why we take future reuse into account.


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Evert and Herman Kraaijvanger founded Kraaijvanger Architects in 1927 in a carpenter's workshop. In the reconstruction, the office grew rapidly and today we are an architectural firm that focuses on committed architecture both socially and sustainable.

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