First sketches ready for new 'House for the City'


Amersfoort is getting a new city hall. The municipality announced this in a press release. Kraaijvanger Architecten has made a sketch design for the new city hall. The municipality indicates that the ideas and wishes of residents, interest groups, employees of the municipality and the city council, were the starting point for the design of the new city hall. To meet these, a larger one-time investment is needed than previously envisioned. However, the annual costs for the House for the City will remain approximately the same as the current city hall.''

With this building Amersfoort shows that it deals responsibly with real estate with an eye for people, animals and the environment,' Now, in the short term and in the long term. Conscious investment with an eye for long-term value is the condition for a sustainable future. The house of the city can thus become an example for a circular economy and climate adaptive building. An example that will hopefully be followed by more."

David Hess

From October 7 to 24, residents can respond to the draft design via In some short videos it is shown what the future House for the City will look like. The videos are accompanied by questions about the design. The reactions are taken into account in the next design phase and shared with the city council. In November the City Council will make a decision on the draft design.

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