Team Nieuwe Post selected for renovation and expansion of government office Arnhem


Team De Nieuwe Post, led by Heijmans, has won the tender for the renovation and expansion of the government office Stationsplein West in Arnhem. The former post office next to Arnhem's train station will be converted into government offices, which will house the Tax and Customs Administration, the State Property Agency and the Education Executive Agency (DUO). Karres and Brands and Kraaijvanger Architects are providing the design for the renovation and expansion of the building.

The government office is a municipal monument in the Arnhem station area that does not meet contemporary (sustainability) requirements. The original monumental value of the building will be restored. The development will not focus on the building alone, but also on the experiential and utilitarian value. There is also extra attention to sustainable and healthy operations, with themes such as energy neutrality, circularity and health.

In the project, the State Property Company, Heijmans, design parties and other parties involved are working together in an innovative way according to the DOEN philosophy. The team won the contract on the basis of a vision, which included how the building could be connected to the public space, creating an attractive and healthy living environment.

Kraaijvanger has been appointed as architect for the building, while Karres and Brands will be responsible for the urban design and landscape. Furthermore, the partnership consists of DWA (installation advice), IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs (structural advice and DGMR (building physics and fire safety). The parties will now work on a design.

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