Rotterdam Reconstruction City


Whoever says Rotterdam, thinks of building. After the devastating bombing of 14 May 1940 the city was literally rebuilt. That bombardment is - only since 2008! - officially commemorated. Reconstruction started just four days after the bombing, when city architect Witteveen was commissioned to draw up a reconstruction plan. Let's get to work! That is why Rotterdam celebrates Reconstruction Day on 18 May. On 18 May 1947 was the first Reconstruction Day, so in 2022 Rotterdam will celebrate 75 years of reconstruction.

The brothers Evert and Herman Kraaijvanger founded Kraaijvanger Architects in 1927. In a carpenter's workshop with an incredible eye for detail and material. During the reconstruction the firm grew rapidly, not rebuilding the old city but working hard on a new modern city. With buildings such as the Stock Exchange Gallery (former V&D building), De Doelen, the Stationspostgebouw, the Holbeinhuis and Blaak 40 we have meant a lot for the city.

In this guide 100 projects from the reconstruction are included, roughly from 1945 to 1970. Many are now national or municipal monuments, have been restored and have often been given a new function. Each project has its own special story and is worth a look. Compare the historical pictures with the current situation. From Groothandelsgebouw to Maastorenflat, from poffertjeskraam to Euromast, from Pendrecht to Ommoord.

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