Kraaijvanger is nu B Corp gecertificeerd


As a B Corp certified company, we are part of a global community of companies that meet high standards on environmental impact. Great recognition for what we work on every day and stand for as a company.

B Corps are companies that meet the highest social and environmental standards for people and planet. Companies that align their profit motive with the collective interest of society. This is what we have always represented but now we have the certificate to prove it!

Why did we join this movement?

We believe in reconnecting people and nature through timeless architecture with a positive social and ecological footprint. This is closely woven into our design approach and who we are as a company. We continue to work on increasing our positive impact with great new initiatives, projects and collaborations. With this certification, we commit ourselves to continuous commitment and improvement. As a B Corp, we are part of a global community of companies that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

To become a B Corp, an organization must go through the B Impact certification process. In the certification process, an organization must score at least 80 out of a possible 200 points. Kraaijvanger achieved a score of 118.1 points, which not only puts us above average, it puts us in the top 10 B Corp certified architectural firms worldwide! In fact, we are the first architectural firm in Rotterdam with a B-corp certificate!

Together for a better world

We look optimistically to the future, and this certification is a first step in the right direction, the first step on a road to growth and improvement. We look forward to collaborating with other parties and B Corps and how we can create even more positive impact together. This certification is a commitment, something in which we will continue to develop and grow. We will always keep working towards a better world by timeless designs with a positive social and ecological footprint.

B stands for Benefit for all.