Epsilon - Videoserie CIC Rotterdam Fase 3


In March 2019, CIC Rotterdam will open another 2.000m2 of space for startups, investors, and innovative businesses.

CIC, located on the third floor of the Groot Handelsgebouw, was developed for interaction. Phase 3 differentiates itself from the previous ones through simplicity and silence.

In the first part of a three-part video series, we talk about how and why we design the spaces we do.

About the concept

The concept for Phase 3 is based on silence and simplicity with the use of warm and natural textures. To obtain this, materials such as cork and felt were used. This is different from the previous phases: Phase 1 was quite lucent, while Phase 2 was more focused on the green. Hence Phase 3 was developed with another vibe.

Look at the videos about CIC Phase 3 through the following link.
Videos by Lorenzo van Galen, Bigguban.

In Rotterdam at CIC,
Bustling, Busy, Brave, Bees.
Brainstorming, Believing,
Breeding, Brighter, Better Ideas