Contract for construction and maintenance period House for the City of Amersfoort signed


On Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023, the Municipality of Amersfoort and Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo, officially signed the contract for the construction and maintenance of the new House for the City. Dura is doing this together with ITN Installatietechniek. A collaboration that should result in an iconic city hall at the Trapezium location that is functional not only for the current residents and employees of Amersfoort, but also for future generations.

Flexible and adaptable design

The new home for the city of Amersfoort is characterized by two interlocking "rings," which form a patio and an atrium. With an area of 22,180 m² GFA and high sustainability ambitions, the House for the City will be a social, circular, and smart building. The City Hall is designed with a flexible structure and construction, allowing it to adapt to changing needs over time. The modular design with system walls even allows for repurposing as a lodging or residential building.

Responsible (re)use of materials

High-quality materials were deliberately chosen for the building, which are a sustainable investment for the future. The design focuses on sustainability and adaptability. For a large part of the required materials and building components, Kraaijvanger Architects have defined ranges so that harvesting materials can be sought. The remaining materials are cradle to cradle and/or biobased, such as wooden interior walls, ceramic facades, isovlass insulation, concrete with eco-granulate. Lots of greenery will be used around, on and in the building. Including a forecourt, a patio and an accessible roof garden. More than 1,000 solar panels will contribute to the energy supply.

Sustainable construction and maintenance period

During construction, the work will be as emission-free as possible, thanks to the use of electric equipment, for example. Even after construction, Dura Vermeer and ITN Installatietechniek will aim for the most sustainable and circular maintenance period possible.

"We look forward to a successful cooperation with The Municipality of Amersfoort and Kraaijvanger Architects for the realization of this leading project that will promote the development and sustainable future of the city."

Koert Terhürne, Dura Vermeer board chairman:

Clouds come floating
around my home, not
longer to carry rain, but to
add colours