A temporary home for the homeless


The government has released a budget for additional housing for the homeless. The goal is to create 10,000 places to live, but in practice, it is difficult to realize so many affordable homes in the short term.

Kraaijvanger has devised a circular plan to realize many temporary homes in the short term. These dwellings will be built on locations in the city that already have zoning but which will not be developed for another 10 to 15 years. These empty locations are the ideal place for a circular and modular system; stackable and linkable houses that can easily be moved to a new destination.

These temporary homes are for the homeless. In practice, the majority are economically homeless. They are sometimes forced to live without a home, for example, due to a divorce. They end up in an emergency shelter even though their situation is less hopeless than their roommates. Inhouse is a positive place for these homeless people, a step towards a new beginning. A place for yourself to build up again.

The design is in the form of a honeycomb, which is literally and figuratively a symbol for structure. But it also symbolizes a community, like a beehive. These are temporary homes for the homeless, from where they can move on to permanent social housing. The modules are furnished and have their own bathroom, the kitchen is shared. It is also possible to place several modules together, for example, to provide a home for a family or couple. Each module has its own outdoor space. A counterpart to the homeless existence where the public outdoor space in your home, but where you will never find your own place.

Clouds come floating
around my home, not
longer to carry rain, but to
add colours