Cityhall Vlaardingen

A carefully renovated and restored 17th century town hall with a modern office environment. This is what Kraaijvanger has realized for Gemeente Vlaardingen. Sixty years ago, the historic town hall was integrated into a larger complex and in the 1970s a municipal office came alongside. The municipal office has also been transformed by Kraaijvanger. Largely the building has been restored to its original state, such as the monumental roundabout around the courtyard.

Here the old public counter is again included in the corridor structure. Because a contemporary conference center has been placed behind it, an interesting meeting between old and new arises here. The civic hall breathes the atmosphere of the 1950s thanks to the natural stone floors and the curvature in both head walls. The fractional chambers do not include it. On the second floor, a modern office environment has been realized that matches the adjacent city office in terms of appearance and style. The typical wood paneling and window frames still remind of the past.


Cityhall Vlaardingen






2013 - 2014


municipality Vlaardingen


Dirk Jan Postel, Joost Esschendal, Patrick Keijzer, Leendert Spreij, Bart van der Werf, Evelien Withagen

"Happiness... consists in giving, and in serving others."
(Henry Drummond)