We not only make impact with our designs but I who we are as a company and how we treat our world.


This report provides an overview of the impact we were able to make in 2022. Not only with our projects, but also with how we as a company deal with our employees, gender distribution, personal growth, social return and our own footprint.

As a firm, we find it very important to make a social contribution with our designs; sustainable buildings that ultimately make the world a better place, that contribute to the environment. We express this not only in our designs but also in who we are as a company and how we conduct ourselves in doing so. We have already been working on several themes within sustainable business practices in recent years. Such as our waste separation, travelling as sustainably as possible as a company, promoting electric driving among our employees, only eating vegetarian and organic food, purchasing ICT equipment that has as little impact as possible on our planet, sustainable printing, etc. This is what we have committed to and we want to continue to grow in this, and communicate our progress externally every year.

"We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us." — Ken Levine