Kraaijvanger rewards innovation


Bond Park: full integration of landscape and building.

(Rendering: Kraaijvanger Architects)

A roof is quite often a closing item in building designs. The fifth facade

must be watertight and it is, for example, useful if you need to store installations.

Fortunately, the attention for (the many possibilities of) roofs in the

the world of architecture is increasing. To discover what is going on in the field of

Roofs visits a number of architects to find out what is happening in the field of roofs among designers of the built environment.

with a number of architects. Hans Goverde, a partner at Kraaijvanger Architects, will be spearheading the effort.

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"We have designed for this municipality (Venlo) a city office
designed according to the Cradle to Cradle principles,
with a living, functioning green wall that
lushly changes with the seasons. Greenery, birds
and insects make it a vertical park."

Clouds come floating
around my home, not
longer to carry rain, but to
add colours