NaturAlly: Painting the future


As of today, visitors are welcome at the Floriade in Almere. During the Floriade Expo 2022, the theme 'Growing Green Cities' will show new global technologies to make cities greener, healthier and more fun.

Commissioned by Kunstmuseum Flevoland, Kraaijvanger has designed a panorama which, in collaboration with Sho Sho, has been transformed into a painting by numbers.

With this panorama we give a vision of the future of Almere. NaturAlly: Painting the future. Visit the Floriade and color a piece of the future of Almere

Almere is a collection of districts, each with its own character, surrounded by nature. This is how the city was designed and how it will be expanded.

What if we let the city grow mainly in height and not in width? If we gave nature even more space around each neighborhood?

Then in the future stores, homes, museums, but also animals and forests will always be close by.

The images below are a preview, soon we will also show images of the panorama and the process of coloring!

“We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.” - Bob Ross