De Esch

Coalition de Esch

A powerful Collaboration

Urban planning is about thinking ahead together. When the municipality of Rotterdam announced in 2019 that it was investigating the possibility of a new riverbank connection between De Esch and Feyenoord, we decided not to wait for the municipality to finalize its plans, but to act immediately. Together with developers, the housing corporation and investors of De Esch, we soon established the Coalition Cooperation De Esch. A group that actively promotes common interests and works together with the municipality and residents for the future of De Esch.

Since then, we have been working with all parties involved to develop an integrated vision/planning to safeguard the special identity of De Esch in future developments in the area: a green residential environment in the heart of the city, emerging from a pioneering vision.




2019 - now


Achmea Vastgoed, Bakkers | Hommen, Stebru, Bluehouse, ERA Contour, MN, Vesteda, Woonstad Rotterdam

We are standing strong together