Van Gelder fruit & vegetables

One building. That’s the fundamental idea for the new house of Van Gelder. In contrast to the sum of different boxes, you can often see at business areas, all the functions of Van Gelder are combined into one sustainable object with a BREEAM outstanding certificate.

In a continuous framework, of a mile long, a distribution hall, automatic order-picking-system, offices, a greenhouse, laboratory kitchen and an experience centre form one overview together.

Multifunctional space

Eye-catching describes the experience centre, designed as a museological space with a lot of light and a wink to the greenhouses. It’s the space for meetings, knowledge exchange and experience. Visitors are welcomed here and get introduced to Van Gelder and the AGF-sector. Through a majestic stair people can explore the rest of the building. Routes take you past presentation rooms, a restaurant, offices, greenhouses and the industrial process of Van Gelder.


Van Gelder fruit & vegetables




2017 - 2017


2017 - 2018


Van Gelder fruit & vegetables


David Hess, Ioana Ailincai, Linda Brouwer, Laurens Meulman, Quirijn Petersen, Bart van der Werf, Eveline Withagen


29,111 sqm

Bekijk hier de videoserie van de bouw

Let there be equal distribution-
Food and water,
Let there be knowledge
With all, dear. (Gajanan Mishra, "Equal distribution")