The Binck

Offices transformed into Apartments

The building complex of printing company SDU on the Binckhorstlaan in The Hague was designed in 2003 by Hans Goverde of Kraaijvanger Architects. Transformation developer Binck Zuid, together with Kraaijvanger Architects, is now going to transform this area from a place to work to a place to live. The development program is based on the sustainable preservation of the striking office building. The first large-scale residential complex on the De Binckhorst industrial estate has now been completed. The new complex comprises 70 homes. This sets the tone for the transformation from the business park to the living environment.

The 26,000 m² warehouse will be disassembled reusable to provide space for another 150 new homes. Entirely within the spirit of circular building, the company hall is given a new lease of life as a shelter for a museum in Barneveld.
The office building allowed a transformation to housing and offered a great opportunity to reuse materials. The Binck is a building with seventy special and sustainable homes, the upper apartments of which will have a great view over The Hague.

In addition to housing, there are general facilities, such as package service for the residents, communal roof terraces and catering for the neighborhood. The terrain on the border between The Hague, Voorburg and Rijswijk is surrounded by water. By giving the quays a public character, the new residential area will soon form a bridge between Voorburg-West and Binckhorst.

The development of the Binckhorst from a pure work environment to a mix of living and working with the 220 homes on the Binck Island gets an extra boost. The new sustainable residential area is a welcome addition to the housing stock of the municipality of The Hague. Binck Zuid consists of transformation developer Local and project and area developers VORM and BPD. They have the ambition with Binckeiland to create a modern and contemporary city district that contributes to the attractiveness of The Hague as a city to live and work.


The Binck


The Hage


2016 - 2017


2017 - 2019


Local, VORM, BPD


Hans Goverde, Joke Stolk, Bart van der Werf, Ioana Ailincai, Jeroen Ekama, Hashmat Fagirzada, Jan Oscar de Klerk, Sjoerd Poelman, Jaco van Son


8,918 sqm

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