Stad Gent - Cluster Zuid krijgt make-over


The Flemish magazine for construction and architecture Renoscripto, published an article about the new Stadskantoor for the City of Ghent. The design that Kraaijvanger Architects made in collaboration with SAR architects was recently made public by the city of Ghent. The article covers the design in detail. The old library and the administrative center will endure a sustainable renovation over the next 3 years, with the aim of one administrative center under the sign of 'the new way of working'. The city of GHENT provides its citizens with centralized services. Ghent has published the tender for construction. Construction is planned from September 2018. Read the article or view our project page.Source: Renoscripto July 2018, Edition No. 93

solving a dilemma:
opening the vista from the square towards the park, whilst connecting two adjacent buildings.
by just three elements:
a floating roof over a lifted square and a thin bridge