New shopping centre and apartments De Esch Rotterdam


To make the De Esch district in Kralingen Rotterdam more vital, Kraaijvanger made a design proposal for new buildings with shops, supermarkets and 120 apartments.

The shopping centre of the Rotterdam neighborhood 'De Esch' in Kralingen may have upgrade according Kraaijvanger Architects. Kraaijvanger therefore made a proposal for a new building with shops, a supermarket and approx. 120 apartments. The proposal also provides for the broadening of the Watertorenweg so that De Esch will get a more attractive entrance and thus become a more vital part of the city.

The proposal was done by Kraaijvanger together with B|H|W , TB3 - Bakkers & ten Brinke and developer Bluehouse.

Kraaijvanger will soon be talking with local residents to learn from them what they think of the plans. In 2020, the works could be started on the metamorphosis of this part of Kralingen.

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