Living in a bold way in De Binck


What are the challenges if you want to perform a transformation of a prefab CD20 hull? When renovating and transforming the SDU office on Binckhorst, it turned out that the breakthroughs through walls in particular caused problems. The location and suspension of the balconies were also complex. In the June edition of Dutch magazine Bouwwereld an article about how the transformation from office building to apartment complex De Binck is made technically possible.

On the area development location Binckhorst in The Hague the transformation is taking place from an industrial area to a mixed living / working area. A total of 5000 homes will be built, including in transformed offices, such as the SDU complex on Binck Island. This ten-storey office with printing company is only 17 years old and has already been converted into 75 rental and owner-occupied homes. The hall of the printing works was completely dismantled at the initiative of the demolition company Vink to be rebuilt in Barneveld as a museum for means of transport. In this way, not only has a suitable re-use been found for the hall, but also a true circular solution.

Appearance of residential building
Architect Hans Goverde of Kraaijvanger Architects became involved in the project because he was the architect of the original complex. The clients Local and VORM Transformation and Renovation, and later also BPD, found the architecture of SDU valuable enough to continue with the original architect. In addition to the functional conversion into residential properties, the complex also had to have a clear residential appearance. A question that was picked up by Goverde with an image-defining addition, namely a glass optic layer, that protrudes like a diving board and hangs over the water. In addition, patios and balconies have been added, so that all houses have a pleasant outdoor space. The high office entrance has remained the same to offer the residential building an exclusive entry. There are various housing types. From apartments from 62 m2 to penthouses and maisonettes in the top to 170 m2.

The entire article can be read in Bouwwereld #6/2019 (Dutch text only)

It's busy for a while
In the line in front of the printing office's isle