Municipality of Helmond shows courage with new construction "House for the City"


The TE-team, a combination of Kraaijvanger Architects and abcnova, with in the middle David Hess, partner/architect at Kraaijvanger (fifth from right).

Starting an extremely ambitious and sustainable project without a sketch and without a schedule of requirements; the Municipality of Helmond dares to do so. And they realise that green is no longer a choice: it is the norm.

The aim of the municipality is to bring together four city offices in one House for the City, which offers a pleasant workplace and is sustainable and circular at the same time.

The new building must become a House for the City, with the health and vitality of its users, the civil servants and residents, at the forefront. A building that will be a real addition to the city and will provide connection and social cohesion.

David Hess, partner/architect at Kraaijvanger Architects

Kraaijvanger Architects and abcnova join forces to design the best possible work process with room for new ideas and possibilities for adjustment. The project fits in well with the expertise and ambitions of Kraaijvanger Architects: innovative working (and learning), a vital city, and a fully sustainable and circular society.

The entire article can be read here (in Dutch).

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