The world's largest green hydrogen plant


''In Rotterdam, we are designing the power plant of the future. This will produce green hydrogen. To add strength to this innovative project, we want to ensure that this plant has a completely positive footprint on the environment. '' Vincent van der Meulen, architect and partner at Kraaijvanger Architects

Shell wants to build the world's largest green hydrogen plant on the Second Maasvlakte. On Thursday, November 11, the official design for this plant was announced. The compact plant is designed to not only blend in with its surroundings, but also not burden the environment.

"Holland Hydrogen I" will probably be put into operation in 2024. And that will be the real kick-off for the Netherlands' promising green hydrogen economy," said Lijs Groenendaal, Shells Business Opportunity Manager Holland Hydrogen.

Read more about the Holland Hydrogen 1 here

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