Cradle-to-cradle roofing used for first time in new-build project


Kraaijvanger, supervisor and expert Circular Construction Bart van der Werf – Logtenberg (standing on the right) and Caspar Ulijn, CEO of ZND NEDICOM (squatting down on the right) rolling out the first Citumen membrane roofing on the new BSN Leidschenveen building.

Further on the photo to the left: Jik Mosch (Kraaijvanger supervision and assistant project coordinator), Ajay Ori (project manager, Sprangers Bouw), Niels Arendonk (technical commercial adviser ZND dakbedekking)

Commissioned by Kraaijvanger Architects, the circular bitumen membrane roofing called Citumen was used for the first time in a new-build project. This happened with the expansion of BSN Leidschenveen. The product developed in collaboration by New Horizon Material Balance, ZND and Icopal has already been used in renovations, but never in new construction. The collective strives for reuse. This is fully in line with the circular ambitions of Kraaijvanger that prescribes the use of circular materials as standard in the realization of all its designs.

"Circular ambitions do not have to be more expensive, the price of Citumen can compete well with standard roofing systems regardless of the environmental benefit that you achieve."

Caspar Ulijn, CEO of ZND NEDICOM

Certified C2C products were already used earlier this year in the project British School in The Netherlands (BSN Leidschenveen). The circular roofing Citumen fits perfectly in the line to realize 100% circular designs. For the production of Citumen, 50% of bitumen originating from demolition and renovation is saved from waste incineration and reused. When several clients switch to this application, the certification of Citumen will be discussed.

Kraaijvanger, supervisor and expert Circular Construction Bart van der Werf – Logtenberg (left) and Caspar Ulijn, CEO of ZND NEDICOM.

“We welcome suppliers of this kind of C2C initiatives. It brings us closer to our goal of achieving 100% circular designs. ”

Supervisor and expert Circular Construction Bart van der Werf, Kraaijvanger Architects

With the realization of Stadskantoor Venlo, Kraaijvanger set the tone for applying the C2C principles. For many products, there were no good C2C solutions at the time. Let alone certified solutions. Imposing circular use of material encourages producers and suppliers to innovate and certify.

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