New Roman museum helps build the future of Heerlen


The Municipal Executive of Heerlen awarded the design of the Roman Museum de Thermen to the architectural firm Kraaijvanger Architects in combination with TomDavid Architects. In order to properly manage the Roman Baths - a masterpiece of national significance -, preserve it and present it to the public in an inspiring way, this national monument requires a new building. With the Roman Museum, the municipality is realizing a landmark museum with national and Euroregional ambition and appearance. The construction and demolition of the current Thermenmuseum are expected to start in the beginning of 2023.

Alderman for Culture Jordy Clemens: "With this, the national monument the Roman Bathhouse and the municipal archaeological collection, the collection of all Heerlen citizens, will be secured and accessible to everyone. The museum is a treasure trove of local, regional and national significance. We are now going to make this accessible to the public in an even more stimulating and inspiring way. With the Roman Museum, Heerlen is gaining a new icon that will benefit the city and the region. The arrival of the Roman Museum de Thermen will also reinforce the liveliness of the inner city and thus contribute significantly to its attractiveness to entrepreneurs, educational and knowledge institutions and investors."

Strong design

The design by Kraaijvanger and TomDavid shows a building in public greenery with lots of space around it. It is also interwoven with the opposite new city offices and forms an attraction for lovers of architecture. The story of the Roman past is not only told in the museum. The architectural design - which will become a new landmark of Heerlen - also refers to what is on display in the building and emphasizes Heerlen's Roman foundation.

Kraaijvanger Architects

The Kraaijvanger team, led by Dirk Jan Postel, consists of Kraaijvanger Architects, TomDavid Architects, Niek Roozen Landscape, Nelissen engineering firm and IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs. The firm has designed prominent projects such as Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar and the municipal office of Venlo, which is characterized by innovation and sustainability.

Inner city transformation

The newly built museum is part of the Roman Quarter, the area development around the city hall and the complete transformation of the inner city. In the coming period we will work towards a final design for the museum. The Province of Limburg also sees this development as a great Limburg Province also sees this development as a major boost for the region. Delegates Madeleine van Toorenburg (culture, Museums) and Geert Gabriels (Heritage, Archaeology and Monuments): "The way in which the city of Heerlen dares to invest in the preservation and promotion of its heritage is fantastic. The vision that this city propagates fits in with the past of this region. Through its proud past, the city is building a proud future for residents and visitors."

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