Kraaijvanger has been involved in the development of the V&D Beursplein for over 60 years.


Where for decades shoppers roamed, soon office workers will work.

Over the past year, owners Angelo Gordon, CAIRN and NEOO have been working with the city to shape their development plans. The recent expansion plans by Womo architects still fit with the original vision of upping the mass, future-proofing the building, and being able to serve several generations. Thus, the design is still designed for growth and still fits the farsightedness of the Kraaijvanger brothers. Functionally, the closed facade sections on the first floor are broken open again as in the original design. The first floor on the Westewagenstraat, which over the years began to take on an increasingly closed character, will also be broken open further. From an urban planning perspective, this fits in well with the redevelopment of the street with 5 names, as this long axis from Hofplein to the Maas has come to be called. In addition to the stores on the first floor, the upper floors will also contain office space, which fits in well with the current times in which department stores are often replaced by online stores. In the basement there will be a supermarket and a bicycle shed. These developments ensure that this building can once again serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of the area.

In addition to the transformation of the existing building, two new office floors will be realized with panoramic views of the entire city center. On the roof there will be a pavilion with a roof terrace overlooking the Beursplein and the Coolsingel.

Kraaijvanger has always been closely involved with developments of its own heritage and has had a supporting and advisory role here in design and aesthetics.

Womo Architects in collaboration with D/Dock and MOSS will realize the interior and green design respectively.

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