Kraaijvanger Architects designs House for the City of Amersfoort


Kraaijvanger Architects will design the new city hall of Amersfoort. This design team, consisting of Kraaijvanger, Aronsohn, Calberg Huygen, Baljon, ABC Nova and Valstar Simonis, has been selected from sixteen renowned parties. The total design of the House for the City to be built - from interior to exterior, from construction to technical installations - is in the hands of Kraaijvanger's design team. The sketch design of the House for the City is expected to be ready by the end of 2021, with construction scheduled to start in 2023.

Willem-Jan Stegeman, alderman of City Hall: "With Kraaijvanger we are getting a renowned and experienced design team. An excellent partner who understands well what the social function of a House for the City can be in a growing city like Amersfoort. Moreover, the building must be energy-neutral, fit into its surroundings, appeal to our residents and last for generations. I look forward to a good collaboration."

David Hess, partner and architect of Kraaijvanger Architects in Rotterdam: "We consider it an honor to be allowed to design a new city hall for Amersfoort. In order for it to truly become a House for the City, empathizing with and listening to the many different future users plays an important role in our way of working. This is always a challenge for us but we believe that we have all the expertise in house to make this assignment a success."

Selection process

Kraaijvanger was selected through a European tender. With this procedure, the municipality wanted to find the best design team for the House for the City. Sixteen reputable parties applied for the tender. Five of them met the most stringent requirements and made it through the preselection. From this group Kraaijvanger came out on top.

In the selection process the design team's vision on sustainability and urban planning was considered, among other things. How the team involves the users of the building, such as employees, residents and other users of the building, in the design was also taken into account. Kraaijvanger previously designed the Utrecht municipal offices and town halls in cities such as Venlo, Almelo and Helmond.

Starting shot and follow-up

On Wednesday, May 12, the Municipality of Amersfoort and Kraaijvanger signed the agreement. Hereafter, the architect will start with the sketch design and the program of requirements. The ambition document "A house for the city of Amersfoort", in which the ideas and wishes of the residents, city and city council are stated, is the starting point. The first draft design is expected to be shared with the city, city council and city employees before the summer. At the end of 2021 the City Council will take a decision on the draft design and the schedule of requirements. In 2022 the final design should be ready so that construction can start in early 2023. If everything goes according to plan, the new city hall on the Trapezium grounds will be ready for use at the end of 2025.

About House for the City of Amersfoort

In the future, Amersfoort wants to be an energy-neutral and climate-proof city with sufficient homes, where some 180,000 residents will feel at home by 2040. A House for the City must fit in with this and be suitable for the future. Therefore, together with the city, the municipality is developing a new city hall that is sustainable, healthy, easily adaptable and budget-neutral. An accessible building with an Amersfoort atmosphere where civil servants work and where all residents (like to) come for municipal services, meetings and cooperation.

“What the people are within,the buildings express without.”
Louis Sullivan