Proud to introduce Eline, Erfan, Gulce, Iris, Janet, Jeroen, Jik en Quirijn. With these eight 'BEP-ers' Kraaijvanger Architects wants upcoming talent to prepare themselves for a professional future. A fresh look and innovation in exchange for professional coaching and practical experience with high-profiled projects.

BEP is short for 'BeroepsErvaringsPeriode' or Professional Experience Period. During two years upcoming architects mandatory work coached by an experienced architect. Only after this period official use of the protected title is permitted.

At the Rabobank Gouwestreek construction site e.g. during an intensive workvisit, architect Gurben van Belle explained all practical aspects of building projectmanagement to the 'BEP-ers'. Other Kraaijvanger Architects professionals teach them ins and outs on price and contract formation, assignment, management and construction execution. The 'BEP-ers' in mutual cooperation composed a well-thought program parallel to the planning of real projects during its design and building processes. This is done in addition to daily activities.

In return the 'BEP-ers' do various research. Inventarisation of construction types and façade applications linked to a valuation system is just one example. It gives Kraaijvanger insight in the best Cradle2Cradle solution.

The titles of architect, urban designer, landscape architect and interior architect are protected by the Architect’s Title Act. Only persons who are entered in the Dutch Register of Architects are permitted to use these titles. From 1 January 2015, you must complete a professional traineeship after receiving your (master’s) diploma before you can enter your name in the Register of Architects.

Becoming an architect through this reaches an international competitive level, it increases the prestige of the title and finally also strengthens the profession. The architectural agencies as well as the 'BEP-ers' benefit of a well structured and good introduction of young architects in the professional practice.

Eline Degenaar, Erfan Zoakman, Gulce Onganer, Iris van der Weijde, Janet Snoeijen, Jeroen de Nies, Jik Mosch and Quirijn Petersen: These BEP-ers will be completely futureproof for a professional practice.

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Clouds come floating
around my home, not
longer to carry rain, but to
add colours