From gray to sustainable green in Bond Park Breda


For the Bond Park business complex on Graaf Engelbertlaan in Breda, an initiative plan was submitted to the Municipality of Breda to add 10,000 sqm of new construction to the existing 18,000 sqm, based on a design by Kraaijvanger Architects.

Kraaijvanger Architects is working on a new generation of sustainable office and work buildings. Projects in which nature and architecture are seamlessly integrated with each other. Kraaijvanger made a design for Bond Park Breda that offers space for 400 workplaces. And more importantly, it contributes to the reduction of SOx and NOx dust particles in the air. More and more companies want to establish themselves in a green and sustainable environment. The iconic former Esso Benelux head office, for which Kraaijvanger also designed, is being transformed from a single-tenant to a multi-tenant building. Bond Park submitted the expansion plan to the municipality.

"We have had a waiting list of companies who want to rent here for more than two years."

Maurice Vermeulen, commercially responsible Bond Park

The front view of the current Bond Park currently consists largely of a massive parking lot. Not a nice integration with the rest of the green environment and not sustainable. As a response to this, Kraaijvanger offers an aesthetic solution: a green slope with underneath the parking space with room for electric vehicles and room for new offices. The green slope is good for the biodiversity. It removes nitrogen from the air and counteracts heat stress. Daylight is also brought in through windows on top of the slope.

Tailor-made work and stay at Bond Park
In 2014, the Esso building in Breda was sold to Bond Park, who in 2015 transformed it into an office complex. Bond Park Breda is a unique concept for customized work and stay in an inspiring environment. From a flex desk to a fully furnished office, from renting meeting rooms to having lunch in the restaurant. There are now a few dozen companies, both small and large (including Esso itself and pharmaceutical company Janssen). In total, more than six hundred people work there.

As early as 2016, with his design for the municipal office in Venlo, Kraaijvanger provided 'living' proof of what a sustainably designed building can bring about. For example, the absenteeism of employees has fallen considerably and research by the TNO has shown that there is a significant decrease in SOx and NOx particles. The air in the building is purer than in a radius of 500 meters around it.

Kraaijvanger wants to leave a positive footprint in all of its projects. Healthy living and working environments with respect for nature. It is often seen as an extra plus, but for Kraaijvanger it is self-evident.

Clouds come floating
around my home, not
longer to carry rain, but to
add colours