First piece of House for the City Helmond unveiled


With the appropriate text "A House for All of Us" engraved in stone, the first piece of House for the City was unveiled on Monday, March 14 by Mayor Elly Blanksma - van den Heuvel, Youth Mayor Noël Silalahi and Alderman Harrie van Dijk. With this House we are building on the foundations of the past, for the generations of the future," said the mayor.

After harvesting, time for construction

With this first piece of House for the City, a period of harvesting is concluded and the construction of the House for the City can begin. Alderman van Dijk: 'The stones of the old city office have also been harvested. These will later be processed in the atrium of the new House for the City.

'Hopefully the House for the City will serve as an example for other sustainable building projects and it will truly become a hallmark of Helmond, just like so many other beautiful things in our city.'


The first stone is engraved with the names of Mayor Elly Blanksma - van den Heuvel and Alderman Harrie van Dijk, in gratitude for what they have done for the House for the City. The unveiling of the first piece of Huis voor de Stad was all about connection. Connection between the old, the current and the new. But also between the municipality and the city. This was also reflected among those present such as young and old, former mayors and aldermen, the youth mayor, the construction team and residents of the city.

House for the City in a nutshell

We are going for a House for the City that is much more accessible to our residents and partners than it is today. This includes a House for the City where residents, partners and officials can meet, where they can talk to each other and where they can work together efficiently. This will be realized along the lines of the vision adopted by the City Council in March 2019: the House for the City will be 'sustainable', 'inclusive and accessible', 'economically vital', 'contemporary and flexible' and 'appropriate and responsible'.

Photo: Vincent Knoops

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