Crossing Keileweg


Team Crossing Keileweg consisting of Kraaijvanger Architects, Miss Clark and concept developer De Mannen van Schuim, has been selected by the Municipality of Rotterdam in the public sales procedure for the development of the former factory building in M4H. This striking building at Keileweg 26-28, better known as Kunst & Complex, will become a breeding ground for art, the catering industry and culture. This design was chosen because it fits the development of M4H best , an innovative living & working area that is as large as the inner city of Rotterdam.

The beating heart of the new M4H area development

For a large area development it is essential to have a beating heart. A meeting place that immediately forms the soul of the area. That is what we designed with team Crossing Keileweg. The redevelopment of Kunst & Complex gives an important impulse to the M4H area where a lot will happen in the coming years. The Municipality of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam Authority want to develop the M4H area into an innovative living-working environment, equipped for the innovative manufacturing industry. The area will have a mix of working, living, culture, catering, sports and education. Read more about this project here

When you hear me singing, I'm working on the building. B.B.King