Cradle 2 cradle tile adhesive applied for the first time in BSN Leidschenveen


The new BSN Leidschenveen project, designed by Kraaijvanger Architects, had a scoop on 3 June. For the first time in history, C2C tile adhesive was applied in practice. With the ambition to realize a fully C2C-realized design, Bart van der Werf encouraged the producer of a sticky C2C wall paint to develop C2C tile adhesive. With the adhesive developed by Graphenstone, C2C tiles from Mosa are now installed by tiler De Tombe & Karel from contractor Sprangers.

“Due to the stickiness of the C2C wall paint, the question arose whether the producer could use it to mount certified tiles. With the application of certified C2C glue, Kraaijvanger is another step closer to the ambition to realize a fully C2C certified design. ”

says Kraaijvanger project coördinator Bart van der Werf

For the first time in history, a cradle 2 cradle tile was mounted with cradle 2 cradle tile adhesive. This happened on 3 June 2019 on the design for British School in the Netherlands.

Since 2009, Kraaijvanger has been active in applying the C2C principles. The first major project is Venlo Municipal Office, where good C2C solutions did not yet exist for many products. In the meantime, in 2019, there are certified solutions for a lot of products. Partly due to the demand from Kraaijvanger, these solutions have entered the market and more and more producers are requesting certification. The ambition to glue C2C tiles from Mosa also C2C dates back to 2009.

After a long process with various tests, almost the entire Mosa range has been C2C certified since 2011. It was not until 2018 that a solution for C2C bonding was found from a completely different perspective.

At the direction of Relius, the link was made with the importer of Graphenstone. In addition to the C2C wall paint based on graphene, it also appeared to be able to produce C2C tile adhesive. The C2C certification of this product was subsequently established in collaboration with Victor Franke from Relius.

Kraaijvanger emphasizes the need to design circularly with reusable materials. The realization of fully certified C2C designs is another step forward thanks to the development of the C2C tile adhesive.

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