A practical tool for a circular entrepreneurship


Act Circular Now, launched on the 10th of Oktober; the Day of Sustainability

A new circular knowledge platform Act Circular Now with the ambition to make the Dutch economy more sustainable. A practical tool that helps organisations to make their business operations and buildings more sustainable. Everyone can take part in the Circular Challenge and everyone has the opportunity to share knowledge on the platform.

Act Circular Now originated in a conversation between two architects in the office of Kraaijvanger Architects. As a sustainably driven architectural firm, Kraaijvanger focuses on realising green and healthy buildings for a circular future. "Since we remain involved in all our projects even after completion, we have learned that the greatest impact on the environment does not come from the construction of the building, but from its use", According to Vincent van der Meulen, Architect Partner. Research has been carried out into this and, thanks to the knowledge gained, the progress of the circularity at Kraaijvanger Architects gained rapidly. By now, the circular knowledge is so extensive that the firm is keen to share it with the world. And all this in a non-profit foundation.

Sustainable usage

Act Circular Now is entirely non-profit and helps other organisations to work circularly. The idea is to provide very practical and applicable solutions that organisations can start working with immediately. Many organisations get caught up in discussions about whether something is 100% sustainable or circular. Act Circular Now helps them to take faster action to make an impact. Act Circular Now aims to contribute to creating a fully circular society by 2050. We must collectively take care of this: "preventing and reducing the use of primary raw materials, extending the lifespan of products, reusing products and components and recycling raw materials into materials", says Iris van der Weijde, Designer at Kraaijvanger Architects. On the website you can browse through the various topics that fall under three categories; products, waste management and services.

Products, Services & Waste

There are many different ways of contributing to the circular economy and many topics have been discussed on the platform of Act Circular Now. Products play a major role in a circular economy, and the production process makes a major impact on the ecological footprint. Many different agencies offer services that take account of the environment and when these services are used there is another opportunity to reduce the ecological footprint. We want to get rid of waste as much as possible; here too, various services are offered to recycle or repair things. In the coming period, the platform will be further expanded with several categories.

Donation & the ANBI-status

Act Circular Now obtained the ANBI-status on 3 February 2020. This means that donors of Act Circular Now may deduct their donations from income or corporate income taxation. By donating to Act Circular Now, you support the Act Circular Now platform to stay up to date, expand its knowledge and increase its range. A donation helps to reduce the ecological footprint of as many companies as possible and also supports sustainable initiatives and circular startups. The platform is, of course, also open to organisations that wish to share their circular knowledge so that it can be included to Act Circular Now.

An ecological world, together

There is only one way to get the Netherlands circular, and that is through cooperation and sharing knowledge. Companies can pick up tips there to reduce their own ecological footprint, and it is possible to share their experiences for other organisations there too. Because only together can we create a circular and sustainable economy. With this initiative, we call on everyone to join Act Circular Now - as a knowledge-sharing, donor, and especially as someone who takes action now.

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“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” - Mark Twain.