World Food Center


Transforming old Barracks into a new monument .

The Netherlands is expanding its leading role as a food expert. In Ede, a new city district is coming into being that will be completely circular and geared entirely to the theme of food. The World Food Center Experience, or FoodForum, contributes to the story of the World Food Center and to making visible the new identity of the old Mauritskazerne. The FoodForum is part of the larger World Food Valley and has the role of serving as a new center. The vision for the building states that there is optimal housing for more than just a unique experience, education and conference. The vision states that the Food Forum can serve as the region's new knowledge living room, where everyone feels free to walk in.


New epicenter for nutrition.

Kraaijvanger Architects and Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau joined forces in team FoodForum for the architect selection. Their experience with extremely circular, public buildings and the reuse of monuments proved to be a winning formula.

Where many architects' selections end up in a competition of who creates the most beautiful and realistic pictures, this assignment explicitly did not ask for a design, but for a vision on various aspects of this complex assignment. Team FoodForum has developed a vision in which the focus is on the opportunity that the FoodForum building has to become the meeting place of the World Food Center. The place where knowledge about food is developed and shared. The vision foresees a new place where the FoodValley region can further strengthen its leading role in working on tomorrow's food supply.

The making of

The old fits in with the new

The vision for the FoodForum emphasizes the different possibilities the building can have. Families can visit the Food Experience for a day out. Scientists will gather there for conferences and Ede residents will meet each other in the new café-restaurant. It will also be possible to meet each other at one of the food festivals that will be organized there. The FoodForum will play an important role as a flywheel for future developments.

During the process, some thought was given to positioning the new building in such a way as to preserve the splendor of the old monument. The team of Kraaijvanger Architects and Braaksma & Roos Architects has all the knowledge to bring this project to a good result, based on the cultural history, ambition, programming and sustainability. The importance here is emphasized on a careful adaptation of the monument and the addition of a new monument. This new entity must create a balance between old and new.

visual by Plotvis


A new building as well as a new system

The FoodForum has the potential to become the flywheel for the development of Ede's new urban district, the World Food Center. The building will be the public center of the new district.

It must be able to activate, as it were, a new district. Hotel New York on the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam is a good example of this, this hotel was a real founder of a new district in Rotterdam. In this way, the Food Forum can bring value and tell the story of this new district.

Furthermore, the opened character at the rear of the barracks is an important ingredient to include in the future design process. The layout provides light, space and air to which the new building should provide a natural response. The applications within the Food Forum can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable system.


World food center






2020 - 2022


World Food Center


David Hess, Loes Groenendijk, Jik Mosch, Bart van der Werf, Joon Hyung Park


6,013 sqm

At every instant, there is more than the eye can see, more than the ear can hear, a setting or a view waiting to be explored.