United World Campus

Over the last decade, buildings became more energy sufficient. However, they still consume (fossil) energy; they are in other words performing ‘less bad’. We have conceived buildings that eventually produce energy instead of using it. The principles of zero energy can be implemented anywhere in any project.

Kraaijvanger has a long experience in designing (international) schools. We acknowledge that schools are the best places to demonstrate and exploit sustainability: Here we teach our future world citizens! Thus, we conceived a school for the next generation, at zero energy, anywhere: United World Campus.

Solar protection = solar gain. Water is recycled using three different piping systems (clean, grey, waste). Organic waste is reused on site. All circles are closed.

For the Gulf region, we have conceived an educational environment for all children ranging in age from 2-18. The same concept is feasible for a University Campus.


United World Campus


Golf region




Dirk Jan Postel, Louise Jalilian


9,000 sqm

"Thought is the wind,
knowledge the sail,
and mankind the vessel."
(Augustus Hare)