SEM Hoofddorp


The vital city

Hoofddorp has turned from the village into a city and that calls for a transformation of the central square in the city. Raadhuisplein demands structure, connection, vitality and urbanity. Concrete parking will be turned into a real meeting place; a place for everyone.

Therefore a new building, called SEM, will be constructed on Raadhuisplein, a building with a multifunctional set-up in which the entire city-life comes together. 231 apartments, 230 parking spaces, 1400 square meters of commercial space and various catering establishments on the square will come together into a dynamic entity. In the building is a great diversity of housing, from small to large from affordable to high-end. So finally a place where the whole city can come together to meet on the terrace.

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A large garden in the middle of the city

In times of rapid urban growth, people want to live closer to the city, while not missing out on nature. For this reason, space has been created for more than 3000 square meters of garden on the roof. Everyone who lives here has access to these roof gardens. This way everyone, with large or small housing, can enjoy nature in the middle of the city. After visiting the theatre, cinema, restaurants or many stores can take the opportunity to relax in a quiet green environment on the roof.

The making of

Hoofddorp, connected

During the design phase of SEM, there was intensive cooperation with Delta Development, KWP, RHDHV, Van der Vorm, Boele van Eesteren and the city council of Hoofddorp. A long history of plans preceded the renovation of the Raadhuisplein, but these earlier plans did not come through. Now a plan has finally been made to make a difference in the centre of Hoofddorp.


Green housing, for everybody

Hoofddorp matures; from village to city. Hoofddorp will have a mature central square with SEM as an anchor point on the south side. With its high, generous plinths, quality and allure, SEM sets the tone for the heart of Hoofddorp and its future.

Catering on and around the square completes the square. Outside and inside there is room for families, starters and the elderly to meet each other. The generous entrance to the houses on Nieuweweg makes this street more lively. Commercial space on Kruisweg strengthens the function and attractiveness of this historically important street.

SEM is the start of a major transformation of the city centre of Hoofddorp. The major transformation involves; the new town hall, the Raadhuisplein, the location for the post office, the annexe building and the route to the station. In short, from parking to the dynamic city centre.


SEM Hoofddorp


January 2018 - Present


VolkerWessels Bouw & Vastgoedontwikkeling Nederland BV


Vincent van der Meulen, Joost Esschendal, Hashmat Fagirzada, Romana de Vries, Eveline Withagen


33.881 m2

"Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy." – Isaac Newton