Housing Maaswaard


Cradle to cradle housing next to the Maas

A special project on a special location. In Venlo Maaswaard a circular residential building with 95 appartments is realised. The residential building has been built against the new town hall. This completes the building block and give the circular office a housing construction counterpart.

The location of the residential tower, Maaswaard, has a breathtaking view over the river the Maas, the proximity of the city centre, the railway station and the green courtyard. With this view, this location is extremely suitable for a residential function.

The Maas Panorama


Housing for a growing audience

The residential building includes 95 appartments, divided into 80 two-room appartments and 15 studios. This is in response to the ever-increasing target group; single and two-person households in Venlo.

25 of these appartments are intended for rush seekers who can rent the appartments for a maximum of two years. The uniqueness of all the appartments is that they are all fully furnished and upholstered by Camelot Europe.

The service functions associated with the flats consist of an indoor communal bicycle shed, a caretaker, a space for communal activities and a beautiful courtyard garden. Shared mobility products and services will also be made available as a service.


At the location where the building is realised, there is limited building space and a lot of traffic. For this reason, the choice was made to dry-stacked prefabricated recycled concrete elements, that means that the supplied elements are immediately ready for use. The aluminium facade with glass and solar panels are also supplied as prefabricated elements. All this is assembled from the inside of the building and the building can therefore be built without scaffolds. This way of building also ensures that the used materials can be reused.

Sustainable in usage

The residential building uses the same range of materials as the city office. Wood, green facades, aluminium and the concrete out of sight are part of these materials. The aim is therefore to use recycled materials for the housing construction. The high sustainability ambitions have been made visible in the use of solar panels in the facades, the reuse of Accoya-parts, green facades and the communal use of the outdoor areas. In terms of energy, this anticipates the new legislation and regulations to ensure that the building already complies with the new BENG-3 requirements.

The houses do not have a gas connection, the temperature is regulated by means of an air-to-air heat pump. This pump converts the outside air into hot water for sanitary facilities or central heating in an energy-efficient way. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional boiler, making natural gas unnecessary. A low-temperature heat network, or LT-network, provides heat for space heating and domestic hot water. The use of an LT-network ensures less energy loss in the heat network compared to a high-temperature heat network.

The transparent architecture matches the city office by combining a sleek architecture with natural elements such as green (plants), PV panels and C2C materials (recycled wood & aluminium).


Housing Maaswaard






Hans Goverde, Hashmat Fagirzada, Patrick Keijzer, Jaco van Son, Romana de Vries, David Kooymans and Joon Park


6,533 m²

“Glance at the sun.
See the moon and the stars.
Gaze at the beauty of eath’s greenings.
Now, think.”
― Michael Braungart