Holland Hydrogen 1

Building with a positive footprint


Green hydrogen is an important part of the energy transition. The Holland Hydrogen I, in Rotterdam on the second Maasvlakte, will be one of the largest hydrogen plants in the world. Here, water is split into oxygen and hydrogen using wind energy. With this, industrial processes and heavy mobility can be made CO2 neutral. It also opens a new chapter for Rotterdam and for Shell. To add strength to this innovative project, we want to ensure that this plant has a completely positive footprint on the environment. And that we strengthen the ecological system that is already present at this location as much as possible.


The concept design consists of a factory that is as compact as possible. This leaves room for the landscape around it. All components required for the production of green hydrogen are organized so that they all fit within an oval ring. The plant lies as a special and attractive object in the landscape. The high-tech oval contrasts with its natural green surroundings around it. Both beautiful and clean. Visitors will soon be able to walk around this ring by appointment and learn all about green hydrogen and how we build with a positive footprint. For example, how we purify our water and air; how we provide a habitat for animals and plants and how we generate as much energy as possible. The buildings consist of circular materials to the maximum extent.

The making of

This is a radical sustainable innovation in two areas: green hydrogen production and buildings with a positive footprint. We are working with a large team of engineers, ecologists and architects to realize these highly sustainable ambitions. At the moment we are working on the final design in which we are investigating exactly how everything that flows through the complex will also come out clean. Technology and nature will work together in symbiosis in this.


The scale, ambitions and quantity of innovations in Holland Hydrogen I are enormous. The factory will be designed so that visitors can learn all about it. Our goal is to look back in 20 years and see this project as a crucial one in the energy transition and building with a positive footprint.


Holland Hydrogen 1


Tweede Maasvlakte Rotterdam






Vincent van de Meulen, Mijke Rood, Moritz Kühl, Piotr Prazanowski, Tom van Lint, David Kooymans, Yasmine Ouibrahim, Jan Dorsman, Luca Ouwehand

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