Conference center Jaarbeurs

Conference Center Jaarbeurs Utrecht (NL)

Metamorfose om samenkomen en ontmoeten te faciliteren

In the last years, due to the ongoing digitalization of the world, the way people meet each other has changed enormously. Gatherings are usually less formal, smaller and faster. This requires flexibility and smart solutions. For this reasons, in the first floor of the Jaarbeurs Beatrixgebouw, you can rent meeting rooms according to the occasion and the aim of the meeting. These rooms are the perfect place where you can gather like-minded people in a high tech / high touch environment.

“Leendert Spreij is a inspiring person to work with. On the one hand he isn’t afraid to speak his mind, when he feels the process isn’t going the way it should. On the other hand he is an exceptional good listener and takes great care of specific needs, in a way that translates into a successful design’’.

R. v.d. Heijden, CEO

The special setting is created through the existing concept of Meetingmoods: you can the right atmosphere and adapt it to the event.This means that every meeting room is provided with an intelligent wall design that reacts like skin to the environment. A special wall built-in iPad regulates light, sound, temperature and sun protection. By sliding the walls open, a ,magnetic whiteboard appears from underneath the projection screen.

The wall also consist of a water supply wardrobe and paper , but also switches, locks and gadgets like a rotating clock, that appears in special circumstances. . The hollow space is multi functional as it isolates sound, hides heavy columns and can be used for various purposes.The central square, the MeetUp Plaza, offers a cozy atmosphere for meetings of every type.There are various, colored niches that offer a nice meeting point for everyone. A 87-meter lang curtain divides gently the area into smaller ones. In this way, also more confidential or private gatherings can take place.


Conference Center Jaarbeurs








Jaarbeurs Utrecht


Daniëla Schelle, Leendert Spreij, Patrick Keijzer, Remco Visser


5,526 sqm

over the Mountains of the Ocean
what more miraculous thing may be whispered
that wave which all things melts should soften desires
(Ahmad Shiddiqi, "The Conference Of The Whales")