City Office Ghent

Multiple services in one sustainable center

July 2016 Kraaijvanger architects and SAR architecten (Gent) accept the challenge to transform two existing buildings into one integrated administration complex. Meeting the requirements of a sustainable and mobile complex, complimenting the ‘New way of working’. Currently public services are scattered all over the inner city of Gent.

The new complex provides a spacious underground bicycle storage fitting up to 1100 bicycle. The public entrance is characterized by transparency and gives the entrance a spacious ambiance, incomotating the city shop.

Emerging various public services into one complex, provides more efficiency for the citizens and employees. The ground floor holds all services, with offices separated from public zones. More greenery, bicycle tracks, high quality thermo isolation, isolated façades and roofs, gaining of energy by ventilated air and triple glazing are earning this project a BREEAM ‘very good’ score.

The two towers serve as new office space for the back office and represent the ‘New way of working’. Past renovation, the ground floor offers a brand new passage to the Graaf Van Vlaanderenplein. The first floor shifts from a monumental look to an renovated meetingcenter.

The old library (a valuable historical patrimony) will be renovated with special care to maintain as much valuable interior elements as possible. Wooden floors, ,paneling, the natural stone floor, glazed floors, public elevators, stairways and the starry sky ceiling is implemented in the design of the building. Post renovation, all areas will consist of child friendly interior, free Wi-Fi and water points. The plan (approved in may 2017) is divided into three construction phases. In 2020 all city offices will emerge in the new complex. Completion of this project is expected for summer 2021.


City Office Ghent


Ghent (B)


Phase 1, temporary public functions and permanent back office in EGW: from January 2020 to March 2021

Phase 2, reception hall, bicycle storage, permanent public functions and back office in AC: from March 2021 to April 2022

Phase 3, dismantling temporary facilities, linking EGW and AC: from April 2022 to November 2022


2016 - 2018


City of Ghent


Dirk Jan Postel, Wouter IJssel de Schepper, Patrick Keijzer, Jik Mosch, Paul Tobé, Eveline Withagen, Romana de Vries


21.028 sqm

solving a dilemma:
opening the vista from the square towards the park, whilst connecting two adjacent buildings.
by just two elements:
a floating roof over a lifted square and a thin bridge