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City Hall Zuidplas

A future proof City Hall that’s healthy, comfortable and energy neutral. That’s the new City hall Zuidplas. A future proof City Hall is smart in every aspect, in which value of the housing exceeds the costs. On one hand this is determined by the building, but on the other hand by flexibility and adaptability. The vision of the Municipality Zuidplas consists out of four themes: position in society, sustainability, look and feel, quality & expectation and the work concept Zuidplas.

Zuidplas builds sustainable, cheaper and service-oriented
The architectonic look of the building and the surrounding is attractive. The open and transparent look and feel represent a stable and reliable organization. People meet each other in a safe environment and the communication processes are visible and tangible. The design shows a professional office, while the interior anticipates on future developments adaptable for innovations. Qualitative high-quality materials determine the look and feel. Part of the interior is the visual serenity, harmony and green. At last the new City Hall is recognizable and carries the meaning of a democratic, governmental and public centre for the Municipality. In the design Zuidplas finds a fitting identity. The Municipality derives her identity from village culture and serenity, space and green.

Work concept Zuidplas
The municipality wants to use the City Hall to implement the new work concept Zuidplas originating from the activity based working. The foundation of the work concept Zuidplas consists out of a optimal support of the working processes. The work concept boosts the mutual communication and the learning ability of the organization. Through the work concept Zuidplas the municipality becomes a modern and professional employer.

City Hall Zuidplas was officially opened June 7th 2019


City Hall Zuidplas


Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel


2015 - 2017


2018 - 2019


Gemeente Zuidplas


Dirk Jan Postel, Joost Esschendal, Danielle Schelle, Patrick Keijzer, Eveline Withagen


3,626 sqm

Clouds come floating
around my home, not
longer to carry rain, but to
add colours