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Bond Park

A more extensive complex in a greener environment, that's Bond Park Breda. A design with more space for companies and their staff and with an emphasis on the green environment. Cars need to be taken out of sight. For the Bond Park business complex on Graaf Engelbertlaan in Breda, Kraaijvanger made a design that would add 10,000 m² of new construction to the existing 18,000 m² of the original building complex and thus offer space for 400 workplaces.

The environment is being lifted
Creating more space and getting rid of a massive parking space is a special but interesting challenge. In order to integrate the design flawlessly with the surrounding landscape, it was decided to lift the ground under the car park and hide the vehicles underneath. Besides the fact that there is room for more parking spaces and offices under this slope, it also offers various advantages such as reducing particulate matter (NOx and SOx) and preventing heat stress.

Not just a lawn
Just lifting the environment and thus creating more space is not what makes the environment greener and more environmentally friendly. On the slope, not just a lawn is created, but a real living layer. Plants and trees must be part of the slope so that nature can thrive there. Under the slope will be a parking garage for 750 cars (compared to 600 now) and a four-storey office building. This building connects to the existing building. In the office area there will be a void with a skylight, so that daylight will come in.

Compensation for nature
The debate on nitrogen and environmental policy in general is becoming more and more heated. Many projects within the Netherlands are in danger of coming to a standstill. The investment in a green project is initially a little larger, but eventually pays off. Room for more biodiversity, nitrogen reduction and less heat stress makes the Bond Park a pleasant and responsible environment for companies to be part of.


Bond Park




Bond Park


Hans Goverde, Mijke Rood, Jan-Hein Franken

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” – Pedro Calderón de la Barca