Self Sufficient Floating House




ClientDistrict City Office East, Amsterdam

TeamVincent van der Meulen, Roos Cornelissen, Hans Goverde, Anja Müller

GFA150 m²

The design of the sustainable floating home is the perfect means to end the aura of idealism and positivism  surrounding cradle-to-cradle and sustainability. Once and for all we nullify the claims that sustainability and cradle-to-cradle can never lead to any concrete, precise or tangible results. The aim was to create a remarkable and feasible self sufficient floating home. The result is a fantastic home that literally floats on the qualities of living on water. A house that does not pollute it’s environment; instead it purifies and collects enough energy in the summer for the winter period.  The self sufficient house is open to new technological and environmental developments. No rosy assumptions, but a smart and integral design. Sustainability is mainly found in time and motion: the fourth dimension. To make the most of this, the building is adaptive, flexible and intelligent.

The house has two facades, a shell that protects against the sun and a glass house which opens up to the sun. This way the heat can be absorbed or shut out. By rotating the house according to the seasons, a 40% reduction of the heat load and 90% reduction of the cooling load can be realized. The activities that require warmth are situated upstairs; those that thrive in cooler temperatures below, thus utilizing the naturally rising of warm air. The core of the house contains all the functional areas and all technology. The applied techniques are durable, no nonsense, self-evident, and communicate a sustainable lifestyle. In terms of material, 63% is C2C-certified and 28% is fully recyclable.

A fantastic floating home designed around the experience of water. A house that cleans the environment with it’s (vertical) gardens and provides enough energy to daily recharge an electric car. A house that can implement over time new developments and best of all offers a great place to live.

The Self Sufficient Floating House is designed by a multi disciplinair design team consisting of Kraaijvanger, Dura Vermeer, DGMR, Giesbers & Van Der Graaf b.v. and ITHO