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360°, radically circular, living luxurious


Combining the circular economy with luxurious living.

We present the 360° a residential tower that combines the circular and sharing economy with a luxurious and healthy living, in the heart of the city. A concept to proof that all the elements for constructing buildings with a positive impact on the environment are available today, that the circular economy can be integrated at a residential level and that this is not something for the near future but that this can be realized now.

Circular economy

Fully integrated over the full height of the tower a vertical farm produces more than enough food for residents while purifying the air at the same time. With 90% cradle-to-cradle certified – healthy – materials, we designed to the limit of what sustainable techniques can accomplish today. For the base the existing building on the proposed site, a Kraaijvanger design from the 1976, will be transformed and renovated, reusing as much of the materials as possible.

Small-scale living in Luxury

360° consists of eight segments of up to 32 apartments. Eight neighbourhoods where people know each other and where they share facilities. One neighbourhood is four stories high plus one shared floor with a spacious roof terrace. Each neighbourhood decides amongst themselves how to use this shared space. Each apartment has 60m² of private space and contributes an extra 30m² to the communal facilities. In addition to the shared spaces per neighbourhood, all residents of 360° share the luxurious facilities on the roof and in the first four floors, such as a swimming pool, gym, home offices, guest rooms and car and bike sharing.

Not just a dream

Although the 360° is a concept, it can easily be built today. 90% of the required materials are available with a C2C certificate right now and vertical farming is an already proven technique. The zero energy systems and air conditioning with solar chimneys has been calculated by Royal Hasskoning DHV. Last year, Kraaijvanger provided the most sustainable municipal office (Venlo) in the Netherlands and perhaps the world. Today, we look ahead to the next step.

Photo by Paul Martens
Render by Zwartlicht