Ahrend Inspiration Centre tafel bruin
Ahrend Inspiration Centre breakout
Ahrend Inspiration Centre trap
Ahrend Inspiration Centre hangende tafel
Ahrend Inspiration Centre voorbeeldruimte
Ahrend Inspiration Centre groene wand

Ahrend Inspiration Centre



ClientRoyal Ahrend

TeamVincent van der Meulen, Joost Esschendal, Esther Vroegindeweij, Daniela Schelle, Rinske Wikkerink

GFA2458 m²

The Royal Ahrend Inspiration Centre offers visitors plenty of ideas to form his own 'office story'. In the new showroom Ahrend presents various office concepts in standalone boxed areas, not unlike a storyboard. Kraaijvanger designed the interior of the showroom, which at the same time functions as the working space for the Ahrend staff. So Ahrend can show its products in the context of different office situations and interactions.

When visitors enter the showroom, they have a overview of a hunderd meter deep space. To get this spaciousness Kraaijvenger removed all partitions in the existing building. Along the outer wall this is accentuated by a bench over the full length; hundred meters of soft seating serving as a consultation and breakout space.

The middle of the showroom is houses four separate presentation and workspaces. On the sides the areas open up with a slightly raised floor. These boxed off areas, or frames, each offer a different story to the visitors. Within each frame a sample interior is designed around a specific theme, showcasing different ways of working, lighting and audiovisual and acoustic features produced by featured Ahrend partners.

A large wood-paneled gallery stairs carries visitors to the next floor. Here a number of project areas are dedicated to meetings, such as conference and project rooms, video conferencing and a boardroom. This spectacular staircase, overlooking a large video wall, doubles as an event space where presentations can be given to an audience of about a hundred people.

The project demonstrates that any competitive office has potential to become an inspiring environment with a diverse palet of (co-)working and meeting spaces. The Inspiration Centre brings pleasure and efficiency af the workplace!