Kraaijvanger Vincent Meulen Playground Hotspot Delft vooraanzicht
Kraaijvanger Vincent Meulen Hotspot Playground Delft interieur
Kraaijvanger Vincent Meulen Hotspot Playground Delft avond

Hotspot with playground TUDelft

Delft (NL)



TeamVincent van der Meulen, Rinske Wikkerink, Patrick Keizer en Laurence Meulman

GFA7000 m²

Soon the students of TU Delft will have an actual playground, one of the new hotspots of campus. Kraaijvanger Architects got the assignment to create this new hotspot by expanding and upgrading the Sports & Culture Centre.

Important in this subject of Kraaijvanger is the central hall, as part of the playground. This is where sport and culture meet and it’s a supply to cultural and sportive activities accessible and visible.

Besides an upgrade the existing provisions in the complex will be expanded with a divers program of sport facilities, working spaces, classrooms and restaurants. The covered playground is located between the Mekelweg and the outdoor sport fields. Because of the new program parts a new face and recognisable identity is created.

The mission of the S&C Centre is summed up as ‘Explore yourself. Enlarge your playground.‘ The students at the technical university will be challenged to broaden their horizon to come to socially relevant innovations in their study and work.

The hotspot is going to bubble with energy of the activity and people. All the walking routes will come together in a central hall with restaurants and cafés. There’s always a happening on the playground because of its multifunctional capability of sportive and cultural activities: the ideal setting for cross-pollination.

Impressions by MdB3D