Project architect Eline Degenaar and contractor Jeffrey Kramer of Groenendijk PGN Bouw discuss the construction progress on the central stage (photo: © Kraaijvanger Architects)

public elementary school De Schalm almost ready

27 August 2018

Today pupils from OBS De Schalm took 'their' elementary school into use. The school is currently undergoing a large-scale transformation that will be completed by the end of October. Last summer vacation was a good time outside of the teaching periods to do as much construction work as possible.

In 2017, Kraaijvanger started a crowdfunding campaign in honor of its 90-year jubilee. To celebrate not only a party, but also to do something good, OBS De Schalm from Rotterdam was chosen. This school needed help because of overdue maintenance. The help consists of a design and all professional help with the implementation. Stichting BOOR, contractor Groenendijk PGN Bouw and Kraaijvanger Architects brought not only expertise. With their financial contributions they had the largest share in the realization of this initiative. OWA, Edubib, Frans van Hooijdonk Lichtontwerp and Atelier 81 also sponsored the project. The many gifts from private individuals completed the project. View our crowdfunding movie here.

The vision of the school suits Kraaijvanger. The school has great ambitions and is distinguished by its focus on performing arts. It wants to teach its students about stage skills that are important for their development in today's society: speaking for a group, devising and reciting tales and working in groups towards a common goal. Kraaijvanger also encourages young architects by offering them a practice location as a BEP employee. By working on projects like De Schalm during this process, they prepare themselves for the 'real' professional practice.

Contractors and suppliers will finish the work in the coming weeks. OBS De Schalm can then fully focus on teaching and making the pupils stronger and more skilled in a renewed environment.

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