Epsilon - CIC Rotterdam Phase 3

In March 2019, CIC Rotterdam will open another 2.000m2 of space for startups, investors, and innovative businesses.

CIC, located on the third floor of the Groot Handelsgebouw, was developed for interaction. Phase 3 differentiates itself from the previous ones through simplicity and silence.

In the first part of a three-part video series, we talk about how and why we design the spaces we do.

About the concept

The concept for Phase 3 is based on silence and simplicity with the use of warm and natural textures. To obtain this, materials such as cork and felt were used. This is different from the previous phases: Phase 1 was quite lucent, while Phase 2 was more focused on the green. Hence Phase 3 was developed with another vibe.

Look at the videos about CIC Phase 3 through the following link.
Videos by Lorenzo van Galen, Bigguban.

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Museum Voorlinden wins Dutch Daylight Award 2018

Innovative and of exceptional high level. These were the words used by the jury to describe the way in which the light plays in Museum Voorlinden. The jury itself could not think of a better way to show art. For this reason, Museum Voorlinden was nominated winner of the Dutch Daylight Award 2018 in the category >1000 m2.

Contrarily to the common northern light used in museums, Kraaijvanger Architects has succeeded in capturing reflected Southern light, which is then filtered through a velum.

The winners of the biennial Dutch Daylight Award were announced by the foundation Dutch Daylight during a meeting in the Dutch Supreme Court on Thursday October 4th.

From the report of the jury:
The roof of the Museum Voorlinden is of high technical quality and is able to filter the daylight until the maximum amount of 200 lux. The top layer consists of aluminum sandwich panels, equipped with 115.000 diagonally cut tubes, that ensure that maximum 20% of the daylight passes through. The light never passes through directly, as it always first reflected. The ‘lively’ southern light is reflected in the middle of the day. While the northern light is very steady in terms of color and intensity during the day, the southern light changes more, making it more lively. Furthermore, with reflected southern light, you can better experience the effect of clouds, said the architect Dirk Jan Postel during the visit of the jury at the Museum.

The client, a wealthy citizen, was initially reluctant to build a daylight museum. Instead, Postel dreamed about it and decided to take his client on a trip through the United States of America to visit several daylight museums. This convinced the client.

In the Museum Voorlinden,  a glass roof was placed under the perforated aluminum roof, with a velum underneath that filters the daylight. In the roof frames an invisible LED lighting system was placed, whose light shine upwards and comes back through the aluminum roof. This is a crucial element, emphasizes Postel, because in this way there is an imperceptible shift between daylight and artificial light, when it is necessary. Daylight and artificial light form a whole together.

In addition, the award in the category under one thousand square meters was won by the House with Bed & Breakfast, designed by the Vakwerk Architecten.

All video-impressions of the projects that were nominated for the Daylight Award are to be found on the You Tube channel of the foundation Dutch Daylight.

The jury of the Dutch Daylight Award 2018 consisted of Atto Harsta (Aldus Bouwinnovatie, chairman), Paul van Bergen (DGMR), Sylvia Pont (Delft University of Technology), Vincent Panhuysen (KAAN Architects), Tim de Graag (Reitsema & Partners), Michiel van Raaij (Architectenweb) and Jan Wurth (Lamilux).

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Kraaijvanger to design X

TU Delft recently opened a new building  providing it’s students with sports, relaxation and culture all under one roof. The entrance of the building represents the mission behind the design: Xplore yourself, Xpand your playground. Students and employees are being challenged to broaden their horizon and excel at social innovations. Services had to be  extended because of the increase in students. Tim van der Hagen, chairman of the colleague board opened the building just before the start of a new academic year.

Multifunctional education hub

Building X is buzzing with activity and people. Kraaijvanger was commissioned to upgrade two existing buildings with new construction between them.  X connects existing culture and sport facilities. TU Delft and Kraaijvanger have jointly shaped in an interactive process to shape the coherence between the two buildings. The new design aims to provide  accessibility and visibility of the facilities for students, researchers and employees. On the outside, large black frames on top of a light plinth give the building a tough and challenging character. The entrance interrupts the plinth and invites you to enter the central hall.

The big central hall of X is the Playground. A series of roof lights, immediately visible on entry, create a sea of ​​light that enhances the dynamic dynamics and diversity visitor is tempted to discover X by the reception and the many views. Large windows offer a glimpse into the multifunctional spaces on the floor. At the end of the Playground there is access to the outdoor sports facilities. A special detail, is that the large window in the frame above the entrance can be opened in its entirety. The perfect place for a special performance or presentation on the forecourt. Already during the opening, grateful use was made of these possibilities.

Encounters and cross-fertilization . At the central hall there are two main routes that lead visitors to an unprecedented diverse program: a dojo, body and mind space, teaching rooms, various catering points, a concept store, NOC * NSF certified sports hall, a creative charging point, aerobics, offices, etc. meeting rooms, practice rooms, fitness, practice rooms, dance halls, theater, fablab, a freetown and much more. Due to the density and diversity of the program and the spatial structure of the building, special encounters take place everywhere in an inspiring environment, the ideal setting for discovery and cross-fertilization between sport, culture and education.

Flexible and multifunctional

With the arrival of X, TU Delft's ambition is to be a Living Campus is completed.  X is flexible and multifunctional designed to continue the constant evolving program in the future. As a result, spaces can be paid separately to companies or other educational institutions. In the design, this flexibility has been translated into a timeless building base. The interior and interior design have been added as a colorful palette and can continue to change without losing all identity and strength. Read more about X 

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Lecture: The ultimate daylight museum

Dirk Jan Postel will lecture during ARCHITECT @ WORK about his search for the ultimate daylight museum. His fascination for the working of light and how light can contribute to functionality and to a special experience of building, interior and art is still leading in his designs. His special interest in light and the desire for a perfect illumination sometimes leads through specific material studies to tailor-made solutions such as 'light roofs' that are created in close cooperation with clients, consultants and manufacturers. Personal vision and a practical research method take various designs along the way to the ultimate daylight museum.

Dirk Jan gives his lecture on Wednesday, September 12 at 17.30. ARCHITECT @ WORK will take place on 12 and 13 September in Rotterdam Ahoy, both days from 13: 00h to 20: 00h.

The lecture and the exhibition can be accessed free of charge after preregistration via with code 445

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public elementary school De Schalm almost ready

Today pupils from OBS De Schalm took 'their' elementary school into use. The school is currently undergoing a large-scale transformation that will be completed by the end of October. Last summer vacation was a good time outside of the teaching periods to do as much construction work as possible.

In 2017, Kraaijvanger started a crowdfunding campaign in honor of its 90-year jubilee. To celebrate not only a party, but also to do something good, OBS De Schalm from Rotterdam was chosen. This school needed help because of overdue maintenance. The help consists of a design and all professional help with the implementation. Stichting BOOR, contractor Groenendijk PGN Bouw and Kraaijvanger Architects brought not only expertise. With their financial contributions they had the largest share in the realization of this initiative. OWA, Edubib, Frans van Hooijdonk Lichtontwerp and Atelier 81 also sponsored the project. The many gifts from private individuals completed the project. View our crowdfunding movie here.

The vision of the school suits Kraaijvanger. The school has great ambitions and is distinguished by its focus on performing arts. It wants to teach its students about stage skills that are important for their development in today's society: speaking for a group, devising and reciting tales and working in groups towards a common goal. Kraaijvanger also encourages young architects by offering them a practice location as a BEP employee. By working on projects like De Schalm during this process, they prepare themselves for the 'real' professional practice.

Contractors and suppliers will finish the work in the coming weeks. OBS De Schalm can then fully focus on teaching and making the pupils stronger and more skilled in a renewed environment.

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Swimming Centre best architecture project in Rotterdam?

The experts of the jury and the audience will decide in the next weeks if the Zwemcentrum Rotterdam is the winner of the Rotterdam Architecture Award 2018. Are you voting too?

Zwemcentrum Rotterdam was selected as acandidate by the jury of the Rotterdam Architecture Award 2018 because it shows every aspect of the quality of the Rotterdam’s architecture. In total, 10 projects were selected out a total of 52.

Jury award and Audience award

In the next weeks 10 projects will be judged by the expert jury. The winner will be chosen among them. In addition, the audience will decide who will earn the Audience award. Everybody who wants to support Rotterdam in the competition can vote through the following link from November 5th until December 2018.

About the Zwemcentrum

Vincent van der Meulen, partner of Kraaijvanger Architects, designed  the sustainable transformation: from the previous municipality office Rotterdam Zuid to the multifunctional swimming pool Zwemcentrum Rotterdam. Zwemcentrum Rotterdam consists of 2 swimming pools: one is a 25m mixed-use with a convivial atmosphere and a 50m Olimpic-sized one for international competitions. The last one provides Rotterdam with a certified NOC*NSF swimming pool. The ground floor  of the building is composed of commercial spaces for small local entrepreneurs. The development of the Zwemcentrum Rotterdam is a “bold and uninque” development plan that has a strong social, economic and sustainable impact.

About the RAP 2018

The Rotterdam Architecture award every year puts under the spotligh the new buildings of the city. This independent award is an initiative of the Gemeente Rotterdam, organized by AIR, the Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam.

Every year the best buildings celebrated with the RAP jury award and the RAP audience award, destined to the winning teams of clients, designer and builder.

The winners will be announced during the festive ceremony on December 19th in the City Hall of Rotterdam.

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Kraaijvanger and Maxwan to design bicycle storage and square for Zwolle

Boskalis and the Rotterdam bureaus Kraaijvanger Architects and Maxwan A + U have won the Design + Construct tender for a new station square and underground bicycle parking in Zwolle. On Wednesday morning 3 October, the collaborating parties unveiled the design.

Deputy Bert Boerman, alderman Ed Anker, Kees Rutten (regional director ProRail) and Pim Raaijmakers (acting regional director NS) marked the building boundaries of the underground bicycle shed on Wednesday 3 October. The Municipality of Zwolle will now construct the Kraaijvanger design for the underground bicycle parking for 5,475 bicycles under the Stationsplein with a financial contribution from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Province of Overijssel. The public space will also be redesigned according to Maxwan's design on Stationsplein and Stationsweg. The size of the underground bicycle parking can be compared with the surface of a football field. The designs were made on behalf of Boskalis. Construction will take place from spring 2019 until the end of 2020.

The construction project is part of the Development Perspective Station Area Zwolle in which the municipality of Zwolle, the province of Overijssel, ProRail and NS have described their joint ambition for the station area until 2025. Together with regional governments and NS, ProRail is improving bicycle parking facilities at stations through expansion, better use and renewal. NS will operate the new bicycle parking.

Light, safe and energy-efficient bicycle storage

Kraaijvanger designed the bicycle shed as an urban basement where a spacious set-up, overview and abundant light ensure optimum functionality, comfort and safety. Daylight and natural green areas with plants reach deep into the basement. Present lamp luminaires only light up when the outside is too dark. That saves a considerable amount of energy. The design is so cleverly set up that there are no dead-end corridors or obstacles. The columns are also positioned in such a way that no dark niches are created. 

Double parking capacity
Zwolle is bicycle city number 1 in the Netherlands. Zwolle wants to stimulate the use of the bicycle further. The construction of the new underground bicycle parking contributes to this. The new bicycle parking doubles the parking capacity for the bicycle on the center side of the station.
Public space
The plan for the Station Square was developed by Maxwan on the basis of a design by the municipality of Zwolle. Visitors can quickly and safely get to and from the station via the square. The spacious set-up, short routes and logical split between pedestrians, cyclists and cars ensure optimal traffic flow. The square will be completely redesigned: a mirror pond with skylights, green spaces with trees and sitting edges and atmospheric lighting will transform this entrance into the city into a pleasant place to stay. The three entrances to the bicycle shed merge into the design of the square and ensure a seamless connection between the outdoor area and the basement.

Fast growing public transport button
The Zwolle public transport hub, the second rail hub in the Netherlands, is one of the fastest growing public transport nodes in the Netherlands. In order to process the passenger flows in and around the station smoothly and safely, good transfer possibilities to and from the bicycle, train, bus and taxi / car are of great importance. That is why Zwolle is building a new bus station and a bus bridge, a passerelle that is accessible 24/7 - without a public transport chip card - for pedestrians and cyclists. The entrances on both sides of the station are also being improved.

Station square 2020 ready
Boskalis is the main contractor for the entire project and responsible for the execution. The new station square is expected to be completed in 2020.

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Sustainable City Offices for the City of Ghent

The city of Ghent revealed the design for the City Office of Ghent. Kraaijvanger Architects together with SAR architects are to design the project. “Their project was selected thanks to their thoughtful and clear urban design and architectural choices, for the strong vision on sustainability, mobility and the new way of working”, says Martine De Regge, SCHEPEN of Facility Management of the City of Ghent. The municipal library and the administrative center will be incorporated in one building.


Together with the disclosure of the design on September 13th, the city of Ghent published the public tender for a construction on Site South. The construction works will begin in March 2019.


Sustainable Offices

Back in 2016, the ‘TV Kraaijvanger architects and the SAR architecten’ was awarded with this assignment. The goal was to design a City Office that meets the BREEAM requirements, following a ‘very good’ rating. The city of Ghent  aspires to set an example with its sustainable imago, due to more greenery, and an improved bicycle-complex  for the area of Site Zuid.

About the design

The City of Ghent wants to centralize all public services in one building. This goal is realized with the new building: ‘City Office of Gent’. The old library and the current administration center (AC Zuid) will fuse together into one transparent building with all public services provided under one roof. The new building is logically design providing a spacious layout. A child friendly design supported by an ideal entrance for all. Underneath the entrance a  bicycle storage provides space for 1100 bicycles.

The opening of  the new City Office is planned for the end of 2021.

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Daylight Award nomination for Museum Voorlinden

Museum Voorlinden was nominated for the Dutch Daylight Award 2018. The jury chose Voorlinden because of the daylight quality generated by the building.

Dirk Jan Postel from Kraaijvanger Architects designed Voorlinden according to groundbreaking principles that resulted in a building of exceptional aesthetics and a new perspective on technology and daylight application in museums. Visitors lyrically describe the effect of the light that is achieved by the special designed light roof.

Museum Voorlinden is a Dutch private museum for modern and contemporary art at the Landgoed Voorlinden in Wassenaar in Zuid-Holland. The art collection of Joop van Caldenborgh is known as the Caldic Collection, the largest private art collection in the Netherlands.

In addition to Museum Voorlinden, Musis Sacrum, Kipster, Headquarters a.s.r, Erasmus MC and Hotel Jakarta were among the nominees within the category > 1000 m2. In the other category, <1000m2 nominees are: Villa IJsselzicht, LandgoedLAB, House with Bed & Breakfast and Crematorium Zorgvlied.

Award ceremony
During the award ceremony on Thursday 4 October, the winners will be announced at 4 pm, in the Hoge Raad in The Hague (one of the two winners of the Dutch Daylight Award 2016). You can register for this via

About the Dutch Daylight Award
The Dutch Daylight Award is a biennial award for buildings with special daylight qualities. The award was created in 2008 to reward special daylight architecture and to bring it to the attention of a wide audience, so that this can serve as inspiration for future buildings.

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Construction Rotterdam AHOY officially started

Excitement and intuitive orientation The new building was designed by Kraaijvanger Architects. David Hess, who signed for the design says: "On the one hand, the building supports the thrill of an event visit, on the other it offers the peace in which there is room for an intuitive orientation. The plan contributes to the stimulation of the senses associated with events. In addition, the design ensures perfect logistic tuning of the various visitor flows. 

Rotterdam Ahoy is expanding. The construction of the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre and RTM Stage has begun! Its doors will be open for public at the end of 2020. The expansion consists of a unique stage that can be used for congresses, theatre productions as well as concerts. The second and third floor contain 35 break out rooms that can be connected together or used separately. A completely new entrance building will arise from which Ahoy Plaza, RTM Stage, the Exhibition & Event Halls, the Ahoy Arena and all new breakout rooms can be reached.

Hart van Zuid Rotterdam The renovation and expansion of the Fair & Event Halls (prematurely completed in May 2018) and the arrival of the congress center and the music hall are part of the large-scale Hart van Zuid area development. "A unique collaboration in the Netherlands where the municipality, entrepreneurs, schools and residents, together with Ballast Nedam and Heijmans, are getting the best out of the area," says Dick Laheij, director of the development combination.

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