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Museum Voorlinden wins Dutch Daylight Award 2018


Innovative and of exceptional high level. These were the words used by the jury to describe the way in which the light plays in Museum Voorlinden. The jury itself could not think of a better way to show art. For this reason, Museum Voorlinden was nominated winner of the Dutch Daylight Award 2018 in the category >1000 m2.

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Kraaijvanger to design X


TU Delft recently opened a new building  providing it’s students with sports, relaxation and culture all under one roof. The entrance of the building represents the mission behind the design: Xplore yourself, Xpand your playground. Students and employees are being challenged to broaden their horizon and excel at social innovations. Services had to be  extended because of the increase in students. Tim van der Hagen, chairman of the colleague board opened the building just before the start of a new academic year.

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Sustainable City Offices for the City of Ghent


The city of Ghent revealed the design for the City Office of Ghent. Kraaijvanger Architects together with SAR architects are to design the project. “Their project was selected thanks to their thoughtful and clear urban design and architectural choices, for the strong vision on sustainability, mobility and the new way of working”, says Martine De Regge, SCHEPEN of Facility Management of the City of Ghent. The municipal library and the administrative center will be incorporated in one building.

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