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Sustainable City Offices for the City of Ghent


The city of Ghent revealed the design for the City Office of Ghent. Kraaijvanger Architects together with SAR architects are to design the project. “Their project was selected thanks to their thoughtful and clear urban design and architectural choices, for the strong vision on sustainability, mobility and the new way of working”, says Martine De Regge, SCHEPEN of Facility Management of the City of Ghent. The municipal library and the administrative center will be incorporated in one building.

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Lecture: The ultimate daylight museum


Dirk Jan Postel will lecture during ARCHITECT @ WORK about his search for the ultimate daylight museum. His fascination for the working of light and how light can contribute to functionality and to a special experience of building, interior and art is still leading in his designs. His special interest in light and the desire for a perfect illumination sometimes leads through specific material studies to tailor-made solutions such as 'light roofs' that are created in close cooperation with clients, consultants and manufacturers. Personal vision and a practical research method take various designs along the way to the ultimate daylight museum.

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public elementary school De Schalm almost ready


Today pupils from OBS De Schalm took 'their' elementary school into use. The school is currently undergoing a large-scale transformation that will be completed by the end of October. Last summer vacation was a good time outside of the teaching periods to do as much construction work as possible.

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